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  • Our economy in central Biffeche is still badly and sadly affected by the recent three year's flooding. The ecological and agricultural disaster of the salty fields at M'Boubene (ancien Biffeche-Ville) remains unsolved. The gray fields by the Marigot de Djeuss are totally barren, and the drainage ditch is not in place. The human cost has been severe. The people need help of all kinds, immediately, according to the Hon. Chev. Sir Malik Sow, K.G.C., Chef de Village at M'Boubene.

  • His Majesty made his usual royal visit to Savoigne and Savoigne Pionniers in April and May of 2003.  Sadly, because of the recent flooding, His Majesty was forced to provide millions of CFA for food supplies, seed and fertilizer.   His Majesty prefers to help by providing agricultural equipment and industrial new sources of work for His people but the changing weather conditions forced King Ronald to provide funds to purchase enough food to keep the people until the new crops can be sown and reaped.  It is to be hoped that 2004 will bring a happier year.  Inshallah !


    H.M. King Ronald I attends a

    wedding in Taba Ahmad. 

    It rained heavily during the

    festivities and as all citizens

    of Biffeche know, this is a sign

    of great, good luck.

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    King Ronald spent much time in many of His other villages in both the spring and fall of 2003.  As all of his villages are suffering this year, the King generously provided millions of CFA to Madina, M'Boubene Naar, Bissette I and Bissette II, M'Barou Bof,  M'Boubene Peulh and M'Beraye.  His Majesty for the first time visited the villages Taba Ahmad, Nimzatt II, Darou Salam, Gade N'Gourane, Demigine, N'Dangaya, Peulh Ronald and N'Dig.  Because of the generosity of many people who have elected to help the Kingdom of Biffeche, His Majesty was able to provide millions of CFA to these villages as well.  Only the village of Theich Peulh seem to need no assistance at this time.  King Ronald prays that in the coming year none of his subjects require food aid.  In the future, His Majesty hopes to return to providing more efficient tools and better ways of farming to his people.

Our King always gives school supplies and athletic equipment to our students.

  • The old wooden bridge over the Marigot de Lampsar has finally been repaired.  Now it is safe again.  Our King has been able to persuade the army of Sénégal to repair the old bridge. The military Commandant at the Dakar-Bango base had offered this service to the King.  We needed to get it fixed to be able to get to our fields to work without the big long detour; remember that we go barefoot!  Our Gracious King provided all of the funds for this project.  His Majesty was so pleased to be able to safely cross the bridge on foot this spring.  The bridge had been unsafe for many years and now it is once again sound and secure. 




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    H.M. Ronald I and

    Colonel N'Diof


  • The project of a written script for our Sérér-Ndut (Ndut) language is advancing rapidly; American Dan Morgan and his German wife Marieta have completed their initial studies of the Sérér-Ndut spoken in Mont-Roland, Sénégal, and Biffeche, and they have prepared dictionaries and are now writing teacher training and student manuals (French-to-Sérér-Ndut). This will surely help preserve this great tongue of our land. May they include all the refinements of Biffeche Ndut! Since it is an official language of the Kingdom, and past transliterations into pseudo-franco-sérér have been inconsistent, this is a very important development for Biffeche and an answer to our prayers. As soon as the Sérér-Ndut web-page is ready, we will have a link to it.  Once again we must thank our benevolent King for agreeing to provide funds for this project.

His Majesty King Ronald I

meets some of the lady

dignitaries in Gade N'Gourane.

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In Biffeche His Majesty

always wears a necklace

depicting the 99 names

of Allah here being

inspected by a baby.

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  • A large Biffeche Dragon was seen slithering into the Marigot de Lampsar just downstream from the bridge. "Big enough to eat a small sheep." This must have been a good omen for the repair of our bridge! "Where the dragon walks, benefit follows."


One of the

Rivermen of


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His Majesty King Ronald I

returns from a visit to the

 Isle de Tiene.

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