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  • H.R.H. the Crown Prince Christopher continues to receive the congratulations of the people upon the occasion of the Royal Birth in Madrid, Spain, on 11 October 2000.  Crown Princess Eva was delivered of a beautiful baby boy, Prince Daniel, who now stands third in line to the throne of the Kingdom of Biffeche.  The hearts of all of the citizens of Biffeche are filled with joy for our new Prince Daniel.  We hope that he will come to visit us very, very soon.

  H.R.H. Prince Daniel,

on his third

birthday atop the

shoulders of his


H.M. King Ronald I.


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  • During the Royal Progress, the people of the village of M'Boubene-Naar offered a building to the King for him to use as his palace when he is at M'Boubene. It needs some work but there is time before the King returns. King Ronald graciously provided all of the restoration funds.   It has been renamed the Western Palace and will be painted in the Royal colors of blue and white.  This gesture was quite a surprise for the people of adjoining M'Boubene-Peulh (ancien Biffeche-Ville). On October 24, the King recognized the Sou-Chef of M'Boubene-Naar (under the Hon. Chev. Sir Malik Sow, K.G.C., Chef de Village for all of M'Boubene). See the item in the Court Circular below.

  • Biffeche has been honored greatly by the people of La Ferté-Macé in Normandie, France. Now they have named a great and busy street after the greatest town of our Kingdom, namely: the rue Savoigne-Biffeche in La Ferté-Macé. Just as the Sovereign Republic of San Marino felt so honored by the Californian city that chose that name of "San Marino" as a sign of respect, we too are genuinely honored by these most distinguished European cosmopolitans of LaFerté -Macé who live so far (physically and economically) from our humble home. Our pleasure is extreme and felt in the heart. May all of you who see the street-sign "rue Savoigne-Biffeche" in LaFerté -Macé have thoughts of our happy and grateful Kingdom in far-away Africa.

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    The very generous people of La Ferté-Macé have graciously presented the Kingdom of Biffeche with a new ambulance!  Now situated at the free clinic in Savoigne, this ambulance stands ready to rush those in need of medical care to our clinic.  King Ronald wishes that he could personally thank each citizen of La Ferté-Macé for their generosity.  As a symbol of gratitude King Ronald has granted to the entire citizenry of   La Ferté-Macé an honorary membership in the Order of the Raven.


  • The Ladies Ann and Ellen Fusz, who have long been staunch financial supporters of the Kingdom are continuing to help the people in so many ways. Their efforts to raise funds for the people have been unending.  Many of our citizens believe their prayers have been answered because of the generous contributions of these two lovely ladies.  We thank them from the bottoms of our hearts.

  • King Ronald met with His Highness The Prince Bethio in Ross-Bethio, Sénégal.  His Majesty maintains cordial relations with all of the Royal Families of Sénégal and Mauritania.

     Prince Bethio is the senior representative of one of the oldest and most distinguished Royal Families in Africa.  Prior to the French colonial invasion, the Kingdom of Bethio was often a close ally of the Kingdom of Biffeche against both the expansionist policies of the Kingdom of Waalo and the slavers from the north. 

    Biffeche Court Circular, (Extracts)

    • The King recognized Mamadoo Dayie as Sou-Chef-de-Village of the village of M'Boubene-Naar, a part of H.M. Royal capital at M'Boubene (ancien Biffeche-Ville). The Sou-Chef is tributary to Hon. Chev. Sir Malik Sow, K.G.C., Chef de Village de M'Boubene.

    • On 16 June, Lady Cynthian Desloge (daughter of Prince Joseph DESLOGE, Prince of the House of Schafer, and her consort, Viscount of Charlesdale, near Savoigne), married the Tunisian Bey-El Hashem, moved from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, to Africa, and now they have a child. They live in Tunis, northeast of Biffeche.

    • The Chev. Sir Henry Guye, K.St.-M., one of the Founders of Biffeche-Ville, died. He is survived by the grieving Lady Guye.

    • Marcellin FAYE, son of the Late Hon. Chev. Sir Pierre Claver Faye, K.G.R., Baron of Savoigne, had a new child, named in honor of the King.

    • In 2004, Princess Anne Desloge Werner Bates, Princess of the House of Schafer (formerly the Marchioness of Edwardston, near Lake Edward by M'Boubene), now living in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA, did not build a villa in Biffeche as had long been rumored.  If she is suffering financially she has our sympathy.

    • Henriette Bulus, the Sénégalese-Lebanese woman who involved our late beloved King Edward I in charity work for Biffeche around 1960 before his accession to the throne as Edward I, remains in good health and she wishes the very best to the people of Biffeche whom she helped so many years ago. In recognition of her fundamental work for the Kingdom, that helped save us from starvation in the 1960's, the King conferred upon her the landed Biffeche title of Marchionesse de la Djeuss-Douce, with villa rights, and perpetual descent in the female line.  If Lady Bulus' health permits, the King says that he will make her a Companion of one of the Biffeche Orders of Knighthood at a future Ceremonie d'Adoubement.

    • The King accepted the kind offer of the people of M'Boubene-Naar of a building for use as The Palace of M'Boubene-Naar when his Majesty is at the capital.

    • The King has awarded the Islamic Order of the Crescent, Grand-Crescent, (In Pectore) to an undisclosed individual who has done a service in the Kingdom.

    • In the year 2000 the King visited Russia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland, England, Sénégal, Spain, the Canary

      Islands, the USA and Biffeche itself. In 2001, he visited Morocco, Sénégal, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, France, the USA and Biffeche itself.  In 2002, His Majesty visited Korea, Australia, New Guinea, Micronesia, Guam, France, Spain, Portugal, Sénégal, The Gambia, Mauritania, Scotland, England and the USA and Biffeche itself.  In 2003, King Ronald has traveled to Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, The Gambia, Cape Verde, Venezuela, Columbia, the Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, USA and Biffeche.  In 2004 His Majesty has been to Chile, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Gough, Tristan Da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension, The Gambia, Cap Verde, Sénégal, Mauritania, Portugal, Spain, France, England, The Isle of Man, Scotland, the USA, and of course, His beloved Biffeche.  The King is tireless in His travels in an attempt to help His people.

His Majesty King Ronald I

at the Le Meridienne

Presidente Hotel in Dakar,

Sénégal.  The people of the Kingdom

of Biffeche are very grateful for the

kind reception afforded our beloved

King by this, the finest hotel in Sénégal.

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  • Research into locating the tomb of Weex Tené the Great continues. For those not familiar with our greatest King of the 18th Century, it is good to remember His most famous quotation.  When asked as to as the location of the eastern border of Biffeche, Weex Tené   paused and then said, "....the eastern border of Biffeche is .... the Nile!"  He was not called the Great for nothing!  Although His tomb was looted of all of it's treasures during slaving days, the historical import of finding this sacred spot is paramount.  Our people regularly enjoy pilgrimages to the tomb of King Edward.  A new monument will be constructed when the exact location of King Weex Tené's remains is found.


Madame Rose and Lady Marie

Claver Faye, Dowager Baroness

of  Savoigne in front of the King

Edward I monument.

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  • A movement amongst the Christians of Biffeche to have King Edward sanctified is gaining ground.  Recently several people have come forward to testify that miracles have been occurring after prayer at the King Edward I tomb.  Many people believe that their prayers are being brought to fruition because the intercession of our beloved late King.

His Majesty Ronald I in front

of the monument to His Late

Majesty King Edward I.

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  • 17th January 2004 - The Palace is saddened today to announce the untimely death of The Right Honourable, The Baron of Savoigne, Sir Pierre Claver Faye, K.G.R., K.G.St.M.  His Lordship had been most influential in the decision of King Guné Ko Ka Weex  Tené to abdicate in the favor of King Edward more than 40 years ago. In all of the  years since then, Lord Savoigne ably led his people.  He was the political leader of almost all of the Christians of Biffeche.  In the past four decades, the Baron of Savoigne worked tirelessly to increase the welfare of his people.  At the the same time relations with the Muslim and Animiste Communities in the Kingdom of Biffeche were always the most cordial and productive.  His Majesty, King Ronald I has arranged for 1000 masses to be said in recognition for the great work done by the Late Baron of Savoigne.

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