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Crown Prince Christopher with

Biffeche school children


Most people in Biffeche are struggling against desperate poverty. We are making progress, and trying very hard, but still our people, especially children, often die of (easily-curable) diseases, and many are needlessly miserable from chronic illness. Just because they lack $5 worth of drugs! We have malnutrition, unsafe water and the dread hidden threat of Bilharzia that weakens and wastes away the body. These cannot be cured with only what we have ourselves now.

Our average family income is less than $100 per year (and that low average takes into account the more prosperous among us)! A single "business meal" in the West costs what, if sent to Biffeche, would save the life of a poor family here for over a year. 


When the great Sénégal River flooded, the fields in some areas were wrecked and the people starved. What can we do?


We need help with our poor and salty soils. We have no industry in Biffeche itself other than the most labor intensive forms of agriculture and some personal artisanship. So not only do we need for someone to send money help for the most needy, but we ask for experts to visit and help us do better for our future.


Typical Dwelling House in

the Kingdom of Biffeche. 

It is off times difficult for

Westerners to

understand the daily

living conditions in the

Kingdom of Biffeche.

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This is a situation where your aide will make a relatively big difference (benefit) for a small amount. Please decide upon a proper amount according to your wealth and feeling of care and bonhomie toward our poor ones, and mail this to our American Office, 6152 115th Place, Seminole, FL 33772 USA or the European Office, APDO.Correos 47008, 28080 Madrid, Spain, or directly to the Chef de Village in a particular village where you want the help to go. If check or money order, make out to "BIFFECHE". (If it is a big aid, of thousands, you may wish us to bring this gift to the attention of the King, who does not often leave great and noble charities to our people unrewarded.)

Every penny is spent directly for the poor (mostly rural) in our Kingdom.  No donated money whatsoever is spent on administration or fund raising.  100% of all donations go directly to benefit the people.  There are no middle men and no paid bureaucracy.  His Majesty pays ALL such costs directly from His own personal funds.  (As a legal notice, all contributions to the aid of the people or Kingdom of Biffeche are totally free of all Biffeche taxes.  The same is true for the Kingdom of Axim. The Kingdom has no UK registered charity or USA IRC "501.c.3" foundation, nor similar recognized charity in any country outside Biffeche, thus your gift should be from your heart alone and not for your tax deduction. Our only representation is that we give it to, or spend it for, the people of the Kingdom.)


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The government of Spain very

graciously transports our King at no cost. 


We will surely pray to Almighty God to bless you for your kindness and for Him to put you safe in the pathways of peace, and we trust that Edward our late King now in paradise will do the same for you.

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