The King and 


 of Biffeche


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His Majesty King Ronald I holds a

Majlis in M'Boubene Peulh. 

All the people in Biffeche have

the opportunity to speak with

His Majesty during a Majlis

held in every village that

King Ronald visits.

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The Biffeche Aristocracy

In addition to the Royal Family, Biffeche has a very small hereditary aristocracy. 

Court acts affecting titles or orders of Knighthood & Decorations are rare. They may be announced in the Biffeche Court Circular issued from time to time as needed.

Table of Precedence

His Majesty, the King
The first or primary spouse of the King. At present, Queen Carolyn.

The Crown Prince.

Eldest son of the Crown Prince.

Princes and Princesses Royal.
The Crown Princess.

Other spouses (if any) of the King. At present, Queen Joyce.

The Dukes, and Duchesses in their own right.

At present, the King and Queen Carolyn (Orlamander).
Princes, and Princesses in their own right, of the House of Schafer.
Marquesses, Marquis, and Marchionesses and Marquises in their own right.
Earls, and Countesses in their own right. At present, none.
Viscounts, and Viscountesses in their own right.
Barons, and Baronesses in their own right.
Seigneurs.  At present, none.
Hereditary Greffiers.
The Bouille Mother. 
Hereditary foresters. At present, none.

Non-hereditary titles:

The Imam Royal.
The Chaplain Royal. At present, Father Timothy Horner, O.S.B., Baron of Mells.
Knights and Companions (see section on Royal Orders, Decorations and Knighthood).
Chefs des Villages.
Spouses of Chefs des Villages.
Tukulor riviere-paterfamilias'.

Note that "Chief" or "Chef de Village" is strictly an administrative title, and no longer has any noble connotation (by itself) in Biffeche. One village chief now also has the hereditary title of Baron. The law governing the descent of noble titles depends on the words in the original grant; it may specify decent in the male line, the female line, to oldest or youngest, or by any other method. If it is unspecified, then descent is to the oldest in the male line if the original holder was male. Tanistry is unknown in Biffeche. A Prince or Princess of the House of Schafer who has no other title is not able to pass the title to the next generation without further act of the King.

The King may appoint a temporary or permanent Seneschal at any time; while in power, a Seneschal ranks between Baron and Seigneur.

His Majesty King Ronald I on

Queen Elizabeth II's old Royal

Yacht H.M.S. Britainnia

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