Kingdom of Axim

Axim is a kingdom on the coast of Ghana, West Africa. It is ruled by the King of Biffeche, ruling as Ronald I, King of Axim.

Since the mid-1970's, every King of Biffeche has automatically reigned as King of Axim (first King Edward, then King Ronald), since a "personal union" of the two kingdoms was established under auspices of the Rt. Rev. Joseph Essuah, late Bishop of Sekondi-Takoradi. The Biffeche-based foreign-born king of Axim treats his three local Omanhenes (enstooled chiefs within the Ghanaian constitutional system) of 1. Nsein, 2. Lower Axim and 3. Upper Axim, with neutral equality, and has managed to keep a fragile peace during their land and stool disputes. Any moneys availing are not distributed according to favouritism but rather by specific need and merit. The royal "seat" (the official siege or Caput Regal) was orginally established at the palace in Axim (Quandahor House) but the King does not customarily use it in that capacity. Rather, an office is maintained in Fort San Antonio in Axim, linked as needed to its offshore islet.

The King and his family will generally travel quietly and incognito in Axim if the current circumstances persist, without fanfare, pomp or needless publicity. The King earnestly promotes calm waters in Axim rather than dangerous storms and emotions, and prefers calm behaviors from his Omanhenes.