Visiting the Kingdom of Biffeche


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"We are much easier to find with our new road signs."


The Kingdom of Biffeche is very easy to visit. Whereever you are in the world now, in only 4 to 12 hours from now you can be in Biffeche! Don't miss the opportunity to visit us!

Biffeche can be reached from Mauritanie by riverboat or pirogue, but it is much easier to drive in by road from the city of Saint-Louis, Sénégal, only 20 kilometers away.  Iberia Airlines and Air France have excellent, luxurious flights to Dakar, the capital of Sénégal. Air France flies from Kennedy Airport in New York City to Leopold Senghor Airport in Dakar, and two fly from Dakar to Europe. There is every kind of hotel in Dakar from super-luxury to very inexpensive.

In Dakar, or at the airport, you can rent a car (from Hertz, or SeneCarTours, or others) and drive north via Thies on the highway to the old city of Saint-Louis on the Atlantic (itself a most excellent tourist visit). Usually a driver is included at low cost, which is very advisable. Or, the more frugal traveler can take the bush taxi or (mis-named) "car rapide" up to Saint-Louis. Regrettably, the once-great Dakar-Saint-Louis train no longer carries passengers regularly.

Saint-Louis has a good selection of hotels including two very historic French-colonial luxury hotels. The Hotel de la Poste, for example, is an excellent hotel; the King often stays there. The Kingdom of Biffeche is only a 30 minute drive away. Go through Sor (the land-side suburb of Saint-Louis) northeast on the highway that goes to Richard-Toll and Rosso. Pass the suburb of Dakar-Bango and then the noted Université of Gaston-Berger, both on the left.

Some kilometers after the Université, look for the lone palm tree in a field on the left, and then turn left past the Tomato Factory on the left. Cross the marigot (a small river branch) and you come to the first agricultural fields of our beloved Kingdom. The delightful towns of Savoigne and Savoigne-Pionniers (Christian and Muslim, respectivement) are straight ahead, at the top of the hill. There's a sandy part of the road just as you enter Savoigne, going up the hill; be careful of it.

The first thing to do on arrival is visit one of the Chefs de Village to get your passport stamped with the Marque de Visite.  For example, should you choose to visit Savoigne, the largest town in the Kingdom of Biffeche, please see the Hon. Chev. Sir Seydou DIA, K.G.C.  The correct protocol in all villages is the same.  Each Chef De Village will be most happy to help all visitors.  Also, you may choose to give the Chef the customary visitors' presents (see the section on People and Cultures).

In Savoigne you will definitely want to make your pilgrimage to the former site of the Royal Monument, the great tomb of King Edward I of Biffeche, the last resting place for His Royal Ashes. There are a church, a mosque, shrines, a market and other sights in the two Savoignes. We have some splendid new wells. The houses of the people are the very authentic African types with the traditional thatched roofs.

If the King or any Biffeche aristocrats are in town, you will want to meet them. You may get the village children to sing for you the Biffeche Anthem and the Edward Song, in any of several languages. Some guides may take you to visit the haunts of the Biffeche Dragon in the marigots of the Kingdom; but really it is a matter of luck, or rather the will of the Almighty, whether you will really see the Dragon or not.

After Savoigne, you may want to visit our capital, M'Boubene (ancien Biffeche-Ville), bird-watch at the great Parc du Djouj, cross the interesting Sénégalese-Mauritanian dam at Maka-Diama on the Sénégal River, and the more adventurous may seek out the mysterious Isle de Tieng in the Sénégal River in the northern part of Biffeche. The Royal palace at M'Boubene-Naar is not open to the public. For a much more physically splendid palace, anyway, take a few hours to drive up to Richard-Toll, Sénégal, and see the palace of Baron Roger on the east side of town.

As long as you are driving or walking in Biffeche, keep your eyes open to see a Biffeche Dragon, Great Baboon, Monkey, Crocodile or Wart-Hog alongside our roads and marigots. And the most spectacular array of bird species on Earth. You may obtain an excellent photograph if you are quick. However: If you ever think you see a White Leopard at night, treat it with the utmost respect and stay away, giving it wide berth, and do not try to photograph it.

Dawn and dusk are great times in Biffeche. Sunrise and sunset are beautiful here; sometimes in certain seasons you will see great visual effects of the great Harmattan wind rising over the Kingdom from the Sahara Desert to the north.

Find out the weather today in Biffeche and see the current satellite photograph of our skies.

The Biffeche people love to have visitors, but visitors too-rarely come to our part of the world. You will be very welcome here! To visit or perhaps, better still, someday to live in our pleasant Kingdom.

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