The King and Aristocracy of Biffeche


The King:

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His Majesty, Ronald I,
  By the Grace of God

Because of the Will of Allah

Under the Protection of the Great White Leopard


Maliku Biffeche
King of Axim (Ghana),
Duke of Orlamander, Baron of Inneryne(Scotland),

Feudal Earl of Crawfurd-Lindsay (Scotland),

Baron of Culbin (Great Britain),

Lord and Baron of Garlies (British Empire),
K.G.C, K.G.R., K.G.St.M.(Biff.), K.G.P.H.S., G.P.H.T., K.G.W.L., C.L.J., etc.

The Crown Prince:



His Royal Highness,

Crown Prince Christopher of Biffeche, 

Crown Prince of Axim, K.G.R., K.G.C., etc.



His Royal Highness, Prince Daniel

of Biffeche, Daniel the Younger of 

Carstairs (Scotland).

 King and Aristocracy continued

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