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For French version of Kingdom of Biffeche web-page: Royaume de Biffeche.

The King (Our King is also King of Axim.)

The Université Gaston-Berger, a great university in Sénégal right near the Kingdom of Biffeche.

Republic of Sénégal Pages.

Republic of Mauritanie Pages.

Royalty of Sénégal Page: Waalo.
Royalty of Sénégal Page: Cayor.
H.M. the King of Sine, Sénégal .

H.M. King El Hadji Mbaye Badiane of Saloum, Sénégal.

H.R.H. the Prince Bethio (Beetyo) in Sénégal and Mauritanie.

The Kingdom of Diolof (Jolof), Sénégal. 
Royalty of Mauritanie Page: Trarza.
Royalty of Mauritanie Page: Brakna.

Seydina Mame Alassan Ley, Khalife generale des Layenes (Lebou ruler in Sénégal).


Travel pages to get you to Biffeche quickly:
Iberia Airlines Page.
Air France page.
SeneCarTours (car rental with driver in Sénégal).
Hotel de la Poste, Saint-Louis, Sénégal. (Excellent hotel; the King often stays there.)

Maps of Biffeche area.

Find out the weather today in Biffeche and see the current satellite photograph of our skies.

Mention of Biffeche in old French documents.


Relevant Languages
Sérér-Ndut language.
Pulaar (Peulh, Fula) language.
Wolof at UCLA.
Arabic language.
French-English dictionaries.

Other Links
Research on the disease of the poor caused by Bilharzia in our snails: Schistosomiasis.


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