Links Related to the Kingdom of Biffeche

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For French version of Kingdom of Biffeche web-page: Royaume de Biffeche.
The King (Our King is also King of Axim.)
The Université Gaston-Berger, a great university in Sénégal right near the Kingdom of Biffeche.
Republic of Mauritania Pages.
Royalty of Sénégal Page: Cayor.
H.M. King Guédel Mbodj of Saloum, Sénégal

Royalty of Mauritania Page: Trarza.
Royalty of Mauritania Page: Brakna.

Relevant Languages
Sérér-Ndut language.
Pulaar (Peulh, Fula) language.
Wolof at UCLA.
Arabic language.

Other Links
Research on the disease of the poor caused by Bilharzia in our snails: Schistosomiasis.